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Redwall Technologies Announces SBIR Extension for its Redwall Mobile® Endpoint Security Solution with the United States Marine Corps

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant will extend Redwall’s current USMC contract an additional nine months.

Beavercreek, OH, December 18, 2020 – Redwall Technologies, the leading ISV for multi- modal endpoint mobile-device security, announced today that the United States Marine Corps has awarded the Option on their SBIR contract. This nine-month SBIR Phase II extension is valued at $499,733 and continues the work of the Data Integrity and Confidentiality SBIR Phase II award, previously announced on November 4, 2019. The SBIR and Small Business Technology Transfer or STTR programs are highly competitive and encourage domestic small businesses to engage in Federal R&D projects that have the potential for commercialization. Redwall has been chosen exclusively by the Marine Corps’ Data Integrity and Confidentiality Resilient Operating System Environment award to extend the capability of its innovative data security product, Redwall Mobile®.

"This Phase II option award extends multi-level security and the Marine Corps’ ability to fight through cyber-attacks, leveraging the benefits of Redwall Mobile," said John Rosenstengel, Redwall president and CEO. "This additional work delivers the Marine Corps a secure cloud environment for remote control and administration for their Redwall-enabled devices. Redwall Mobile provides the ability to push and pull files, retrieve device logs, install organization-approved apps, remotely lock and unlock devices, push notifications, and force mode switches. Modes, as implemented here, are separate cryptographically isolated partitions that provide the Marine Corps and other customers unique capabilities to match user credentials and mission needs with the appropriate security levels required for their missions.”

"Traditional mobile device management solutions are not mode-aware," said Redwall Chief Technology Officer, Eric Üner. "The work for the U.S. Marine Corps will provide remote multi-modal device and role- based management functionality for large numbers of Redwall mode-enabled devices across an organization."

About Redwall Mobile®

Redwall Mobile is an endpoint-device solution for military and commercial use. The new cloud-based solution extends this capability and features multi-modal personas, each with its own unique apps, data, settings, and encryption keys; a radical and effective departure from container solutions or simple work and home user profiles. The multi-modal capability in Redwall Mobile delivers a more hardened operating environment because it secures the device at the kernel layer, below the application stack. This security architecture allows Redwall to provide customers with any mode of persona that their security policy requires. Each persona can be built with its own securely isolated apps, data, settings, and authentication requirements that define which processes can access which system features, drivers, files, and networks. Because Redwall Mobile is firmware-based, it can also be applied to IoT components such as medical instruments, vehicles, smart appliances, SCADA devices, sensors, and other smart devices.

About Redwall Technologies LLC

Redwall Technologies was founded in 2013 by a group of defense and intelligence practitioners who had a common desire to secure mobile points of intrusion into government datacenters. Rather than looking at signatures of viruses already in circulation, Redwall founders developed their product on the premise of what would keep us from hacking into a device? Redwall founders leveraged their offensive expertise into a proactive approach to prevent their own white-hat hacker team from compromising a mobile device. This led to their development team building device-hardening tools for smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices such as those found in SCADA, CANBus, and similar networks

Redwall's unique, patented technology is typically installed at organizations whose users rely heavily on the highest levels of device performance and availability, while ensuring military-grade security. The prototypical Redwall Technology user is a first responder in a disaster zone or member of a military operations team engaging in matters of national security, whose field communications require adapting to fast-changing environments and threat landscapes. For more information on Redwall Technologies, please visit

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Did you know...

  • Redwall Mobile does not depend on any third-party libraries nor any special features such as TrustZone.
  • Interested in partnering? Redwall frequently partners with both defense primes and other small businesses.
  • Redwall works with industry partners to offer a variety of 8(a) contract vehicles.
  • Redwall Mobile security policies are field-updatable, but can also enforce minimal, immutable settings.
  • Redwall Mobile offers performance benefits over virtualization, and a stronger security model than traditional hypervisors.
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