Kevin Woods
Kevin Woods

Kevin Woods, PhD

Chief Operating Officer
Kevin Woods leads the operations for Redwall, and is in charge of setting up and managing Redwall's manages Redwall's intellectual property portfolio.

Dr. Kevin Woods is a cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer at C1 Technologies. Previously, Dr. Woods was cofounder and Vice President of Research and Development for Intelligent Systems Software, Inc. He was involved in all phases of building a high-tech start-up company from concept to ultimately providing a favorable exit for early stage investors. He was the technical lead for all research and development including the design and implementation of software for a medical device that received U.S. FDA approval. With respect to fund raising, he was instrumental in raising more than $1 million in private funding. Also, with Dr. Woods as principal investigator, ISSI was awarded over $1.1 million in NIH SBIR grants. In 2002, ISSI received the National Tibbetts Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration SBIR Program and was subsequently acquired by Howtek, a publicly traded company, and renamed iCAD (NASDAQ:ICAD).

While at iCAD, Dr. Woods aided business development by collaborating with companies and research institutions to investigate and evaluate new technologies for expanding the company's research areas and product portfolio. While in charge of the company's intellectual property, he worked closely with an outside legal team to successfully defend patent litigation and to protect the company's freedom to operate.

Kevin Woods earned his PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of South Florida in 1994 and did a post-doctoral research fellowship through 1996.
Did you know...

  • Interested in partnering? Redwall frequently partners with both defense primes and other small businesses.
  • Redwall works with industry partners to offer a variety of 8(a) contract vehicles.
  • Redwall Mobile offers performance benefits over virtualization, and a stronger security model than traditional hypervisors.
  • Redwall Mobile does not require any changes to your apps or drivers.
  • Redwall Mobile security policies are field-updatable, but can also enforce minimal, immutable settings.
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