Security and integrity for SCADA/IoT from Redwall

Unmatched device-level protection for IoT

Redwall's patented security core runs as part of a device's firmware to verify the integrity, adjust settings based on the security posture, block privilege escalation, and thwart rogue processes from accessing resources like memory and device drivers. Unlike competitors, Redwall is designed for SWAP-constrained devices, and requires no connectivity or specialized hardware.
Device integrity
Patented and patent-pending technology protects even unpatched devices from zero-day threats and known malware.
Data protection
Flexible security policies allow for any number of different personas to have different capabilities or limitations.
Redwall does not rely on any device or chip manufacturer's technology, and is portable to a variety of devices.
Medical device security

Medical devices

Redwall's team has deep roots innovating in the medical device space, and we carry that legacy forward by applying the same skill and precision to the development of Redwall products. Redwall's protection core prevents unauthorized access to or modification of devices from the OR to the recovery room.
Wearable device security


Wearable devices do much more than count our steps these days. Some make critical body measurements, control doses of medication, collect evidence for law enforcement, or help the warfighter coordinate. Redwall can protect these devices from attack, and also assure their data has not been tampered with.
SCADA security


Redwall's patented SCADA security monitor redefines the state of the art in device security. SCADA devices (or industrial IoT devices) can set different policies for device control, limits, and access based on security alarms and current measurements of device security posture.
Sesors and alarms security


Redwall's minimal device requirements and ability to measure the integrity of a system makes it perfect for sensors and controls, including alarms, sensors, controls, and home automation devices. Adding assurance to these devices protects them and their data, as well as the networks they connect to.
Further reading, papers, and presentations
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Use cases and other downloads are available through the high-level download page.
Get the details in the technology section of our site, or see the product FAQ for answers to common questions.
Did you know...

  • Interested in partnering? Redwall frequently partners with both defense primes and other small businesses.
  • Redwall Mobile security policies are field-updatable, but can also enforce minimal, immutable settings.
  • Redwall Mobile offers performance benefits over virtualization, and a stronger security model than traditional hypervisors.
  • Redwall is an all US company employing only US citizens, and has staff that can meet your security requirements.
  • Redwall Mobile does not depend on any third-party libraries nor any special features such as TrustZone.
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