Complete device protection with Redwall Mobile

Complete protection with Redwall Mobile

Redwall Mobile® hardens Android’s kernel against malware as well as device and kernel exploits. The Redwall Mobile policy-based system prevents malicious behaviors, even from unidentified threats. In fact, because of our novel protection methods, Redwall systems are the only Android devices that are safe from threats like TowelRoot and KingRoot without a patch or update of any kind.

At the same time, Redwall Mobile adds unique multi-persona abilities to smartphones and tablets. More than just a container or simple switch between work and home profiles, each Redwall persona has its own unique apps, data, settings, and encryption keys.
Patented and patent-pending technology protects even unpatched devices from zero-day threats and known malware.
More capable
Flexible security policies allow for any number of different personas to have different capabilities or limitations.
More flexible
Redwall does not rely on any device or chip manufacturer's technology, and is portable to a variety of devices.
Users with Redwall Mobile can finally protect themselves from attackers that listen to their conversations, spy on their location, and read their personal or sensitive data such as emails or online banking details. This unmatched level of protection makes Redwall Mobile applicable in a wide variety of markets.
Enterprise device security


The security risk around mobile devices has led many system administrators to lock out mobile devices, install MDMs on personal devices, or lock them down to the point where they are no longer useful. Users are often forced to carry multiple devices. Redwall collapses all these devices into a single, secure device.
Medical device security


Medical practitioners and patients both increasingly use mobile devices to access and enter sensitive data. Whether you're reading X-rays or refilling a prescription, Redwall Mobile devices can keep this data encrypted and safe from accidental exposure and isolated from malware and data leaks.
Public safety first responders device security

Public Safety

Users with mission-critical applications like first responders require devices that are intuitive, reliable, and totally secure. Redwall understands the special needs of law enforcement and public safety users, and offers the only system robust enough give these users the safety and service they so rightfully deserve.
DoD tactical defense mobile device security


Relegating the warfighter to devices vulnerable to rooting and malware is unacceptable, and at last a solution exists in Redwall Mobile. Redwall is dedicated to serving the needs of the tactical and enterprise defense communities, with solutions such as special cryptographic implementations, rugged and mission-critical devices and applications, and more.
Further reading, papers, and presentations
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Use cases and other downloads are available through the high-level download page.
Get the details in the technology section of our site, or see the product FAQ for answers to common questions.
Did you know...

  • Redwall is an all US company employing only US citizens, and has staff that can meet your security requirements.
  • Redwall Mobile can perform attestation on a device, run device-level integrity checks, and take advantage of any trusted boot features.
  • Redwall can help you with your small business set-asides.
  • Redwall Mobile policies control access to networks, files, peripherals, services, apps, and any resource.
  • Redwall's technology is not ITAR or CCI restricted, and we welcome inquiries from all US allies.
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