Mike Collins
Mike Collins

Michael Collins, PhD

Vice President, Research & Development
Michael Collins drives research and development at Redwall. He is in charge of all aspects of product development, including requirement formation, schedule creation, task tracking, and technical management. Under his technical leadership, Redwall has developed for, and ported to, multiple devices, successfully completed beta trials, and consistently delivered product on schedule. Dr. Collins' leadership is responsive to continuous technology change and development, competition, and changing customer preferences characteristic of the nascent stages of an industry such as mobile device security. Additionally, he is actively involved in development, implementing Redwall Mobile functionality in the Linux and Android layers.

Dr. Collins is a cofounder and Vice President of Research and Development at C1 Technologies. Dr. Collins most recently held the title Director of Research at iCAD, Inc. (NASDAQ:ICAD) where he was responsible for the Lead Engineering duties of driving the technical product Research and Development, and also for working with Clinical, Regulatory, Marketing, Service, Manufacturing and Human Resources on all aspects of bringing products to market. He has shown the rare ability to perform in a cross-functional role and bridge the technical language barrier between engineers working on low-level, sophisticated algorithms and others for whom it is more important to know "what it all means" rather than "how it works."

While at iCAD, Dr. Collins was also responsible for the management of the overall design, schedule, tasking and personnel involved in research and development. He developed detailed R&D schedules involving complex dependencies, made accurate estimates of time and effort, coordinated resources and the resulting output among sub-teams, and consistently hit performance and schedule milestones.

Dr. Collins received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University in 1998. He is an inventor on 12 U.S. patents.
Did you know...

  • Redwall Mobile does not require any changes to your apps or drivers.
  • Redwall Mobile security policies are simple to create, and can be edited using the policy server or with any JSON editing tool.
  • Redwall Mobile offers performance benefits over virtualization, and a stronger security model than traditional hypervisors.
  • Redwall is an all US company employing only US citizens, and has staff that can meet your security requirements.
  • Redwall works with industry partners to offer a variety of 8(a) contract vehicles.
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