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Redwall Technologies Joins Cyber Ops Alliance, Delivering Mobile Device Security Software Solutions Utilizing Temporal and Cryptographic Isolation

Redwall Technologies, LLC has joined the Cyber Ops Alliance (COA), a major international cyber security integrator.

Beavercreek, OH, June 1, 2020 – Redwall Technologies, LLC, a leading mobile device security and technology company, has joined the Cyber Ops Alliance (COA), a major international cyber security integrator, according to a joint announcement today by John Rosenstengel, Redwall CEO and Dan Downing, Cyber Ops Alliance CEO.

Redwall joins the consortium of best-in-class cyber security specialists, founded by former intelligence community executives, decorated military general officers, senior law enforcement directors and the world’s best subject-matter experts on Darknet operations. Each company in the Alliance brings unique capabilities and operates as part of a COA team with a clear, coordinated focus. For Redwall, that focus is providing mobile device security solutions that solve vexing security, control, and privacy conflicts associated with "bring your own mobile device" for military, first responder, and telehealth applications.

"Accepting Redwall Technologies into the Alliance was an easy decision," Downing said. "Redwall brings a unique approach to device security, patented and customer-validated technology, and timeliness to market during this time of digital shift of entire workforces and industries. This capability is highly complementary to COA members and is ready to scale up to meet the exponential increase in security risks created by the COVID-19 induced shift to a mobile device-centric workforce. We see opportunities to directly address the end-point device security risks within government and healthcare, as multi-use and personally owned devices are enabled access to government and health IT systems."

COA member solutions are in use in various deployments including Federal law enforcement agencies, large philanthropic institutions, a global private security firm and numerous state fusion centers, which provide resources, expertise and information to maximize the ability to detect, prevent, investigate and respond to criminal and terrorist activities. Redwall’s contribution to the alliance includes its military and first-responder clientele, and ongoing cyber-resilience work under the Small Business Innovation Research Program sponsored by the U.S. Marine Corps.

Rosenstengel added, "With the rapid shift to telehealth via cloud service providers comes increased risks; especially if the end-user device is not secure. For many HIPAA Compliant cloud services, we see this innocuous disclaimer: 'However, no software can be fully HIPAA compliant; it is up to the end user to ensure that they are using the platform in a HIPAA-compliant manner.' In one sentence, the risk and burden of HIPAA/HITECH compliance is shifted to the end user, while at the same time assuring the end user that the cloud service is HIPAA compliant. This is a recipe for disaster, because in the entire telehealth delivery system, the most likely cyber-criminal target and least likely to be secure, are the end users’ devices!"

Redwall is bringing deep cybersecurity knowledge and knowhow to the COA and commercial markets via Redwall Mobile® Security and Secure Persona®. Redwall’s unique patented (U.S. Patent 9990505) method of temporally and cryptographically isolating data, user, roles, and IT systems has been demonstrated to protect end-user devices at the same level as that required for protecting government data, both sensitive and classified.

About Redwall Technologies LLC

Redwall Technologies was founded in 2013 by a group of defense and intelligence practitioners who had a common desire to secure mobile points of intrusion into government datacenters. Rather than looking at signatures of viruses already in circulation, Redwall founders developed their product on the premise of what would keep us from hacking into a device? Redwall founders leveraged their offensive expertise into a proactive approach to prevent their own white-hat hacker team from compromising a mobile device. This led to their development team building device-hardening tools for smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices such as those found in SCADA, CANBus, and similar networks

Redwall's unique, patented technology is typically installed at organizations whose users rely heavily on the highest levels of device performance and availability, while ensuring military-grade security. The prototypical Redwall Technology user is a first responder in a disaster zone or member of a military operations team engaging in matters of national security, whose field communications require adapting to fast-changing environments and threat landscapes. For more information on Redwall Technologies, please visit

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Did you know...

  • Redwall's technology is not ITAR or CCI restricted, and we welcome inquiries from all US allies.
  • Redwall Mobile does not depend on any third-party libraries nor any special features such as TrustZone.
  • Redwall Mobile can operate with or without a server (MDM) component, and is suitable for tactical, non-connected (disconnected) deployments.
  • Redwall Mobile does not require any changes to your apps or drivers.
  • Redwall Mobile security policies are simple to create, and can be edited using the policy server or with any JSON editing tool.
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