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Redwall Technologies Announces Patent for its Method of Temporally Isolating Data Accessed by a Computing Device.

USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) grants communications systems and methods for Redwall Mobile® that temporally isolate data accessed by a mobile device so that the accessed data is limited to a single set of data per multi-modal computing environment.

Beavercreek, OH, June 20, 2018 – Redwall Technologies, a provider of mission-critical mobile device security solutions, announced today that it has been granted patent number 9,990,505 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for tools and structures for managing or administering access control systems. The patented nomenclature is for Redwall's method for securing data on a mobile device while allowing multiple "modes" of operation on the device. A mode is a distinct operating architecture that provides the metes and bounds in which a temporally-isolated computing device may operate when engaged in the mode. Essentially, it is like having multiple mobile devices resident in a single device.

"This patent is the result of years of research and testing within the Redwall organization to create a level of security on mobile, IoT and SCADA devices that is not currently offered by other vendors." said John Rosenstengel, President and CEO of Redwall Technologies.

With the increased awareness of the intrusive nature of social media apps, and the ever-increasing size of the toolbox mobile attackers have at their fingertips, Redwall's patent paves the way for a clear multi-persona solution on a single device. Redwall Mobile® security modes allow users to have multiple electronic identities, each with their own persona and separate apps and data. The Redwall Technologies method of securing data is a departure from the current security approaches like hypervisors and containerization that are susceptible to being circumvented by hackers and/or malicious code exploiting vulnerabilities in the application layer. Redwall's now-patented method uses temporal isolation at the firmware layer which makes it impossible for data to leak from one mode to another. This allows multiple personas to operate securely on the same device, while also deciding which data is inaccessible by the computing device when operating in another mode.

"Our experience with customers such as first responders and others has led us to the conclusion that multiple modes or personas on one device is highly sought," said Redwall Chief Technology Officer Eric Üner. "We typically find, when onboarding a new customer, that they need five or more personas - several for both personal and business use. This functionality on one device is only available using Redwall Mobile® security."

About Redwall Technologies LLC

Redwall Technologies was founded in 2013 by a group of defense and intelligence practitioners who had a common desire to secure mobile points of intrusion into government datacenters. Rather than looking at signatures of viruses already in circulation, Redwall founders developed their product on the premise of what would keep us from hacking into a device? Redwall founders leveraged their offensive expertise into a proactive approach to prevent their own white-hat hacker team from compromising a mobile device. This led to their development team building device-hardening tools for smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices such as those found in SCADA, CANBus, and similar networks

Redwall's unique, patented technology is typically installed at organizations whose users rely heavily on the highest levels of device performance and availability, while ensuring military-grade security. The prototypical Redwall Technology user is a first responder in a disaster zone or member of a military operations team engaging in matters of national security, whose field communications require adapting to fast-changing environments and threat landscapes. For more information on Redwall Technologies, please visit

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Did you know...

  • Redwall Mobile can operate with or without a server (MDM) component, and is suitable for tactical, non-connected (disconnected) deployments.
  • Redwall Mobile does not depend on any third-party libraries nor any special features such as TrustZone.
  • Redwall is proud to be working with Cornet Technology, and encourages you to take a look at their innovative STINN LTEmp Manpack product.
  • Redwall Mobile security policies are simple to create, and can be edited using the policy server or with any JSON editing tool.
  • Redwall Mobile does not require any changes to your apps or drivers.
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