Jamie Sabin
Jamie Sabin

Jamie Sabin

Lead Software Engineer
Mr. Sabin leads the Redwall Mobile policy server and device agent development. He designed and built GUIs for managing, configuring and monitoring Redwall Mobile devices, including a web-based editor designed to simplify policy creation and deployment. His device agent allows an administrator to securely send commands to any managed device, enabling functionality like application install, device locking/unlocking, integrity checking and attestation. Also under his direction is the provisioning process for Redwall Mobile devices.

Jamie Sabin is the founder of Vidure, Inc. Previously, Mr. Sabin provided critical technical development services to PCTEL Secure on both the core solution and the infrastructure for their secure mobile product, including acting as the primary developer of the client/server communication components and server components in general. This experience will be invaluable to expedite similar efforts for RWM.

Mr. Sabin brings knowledge of Android application development and years of Linux experience to the team. He is an expert software developer and practiced information technology expert with over fifteen years of design and development experience on systems ranging from high-performance, secure networking systems and high-frequency low-latency automated trading systems, to relational database systems for high-powered financial systems. In addition to providing consulting for Credit Suisse's Investment Banking and Electronic Market Making Divisions, Mr. Sabin has served as the chief software developer for the HYDRA Web intrusion prevention appliance, acted as CTO for Atlanta, Georgia-based Ravello Solutions, managed technical services at EsureOnline.com, and developed financial support systems for Chicago-based Citadel Investment Group.

Mr. Sabin holds a BA in Computer and Information Systems from Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois.
Did you know...

  • Redwall Mobile security policies are field-updatable, but can also enforce minimal, immutable settings.
  • Redwall Mobile offers performance benefits over virtualization, and a stronger security model than traditional hypervisors.
  • Interested in partnering? Redwall frequently partners with both defense primes and other small businesses.
  • Redwall Mobile can perform attestation on a device, run device-level integrity checks, and take advantage of any trusted boot features.
  • Redwall is proud to be working with Cornet Technology, and encourages you to take a look at their innovative STINN LTEmp Manpack product.
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