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Unparalleled security

Redwall Mobile® uses unique patent-pending techniques to protect against threats from within and without. While other vendors work on patches for malware like KingRoot or TowelRoot, Redwall devices have been safe all along.

Multi-mission, multi-persona

Dual persona simply doesn't cut it anymore. Redwall Mobile allows for any number of distinct personas, each with its own securely isolated apps, data, settings, and policy that defines which processes can access which system features, drivers, files, and networks.

Quick info

Looking for quick information on Redwall Technologies product? Below are some of the brief introductory materials to get you started:

Visit the downloads page for more detailed papers and slide decks, and please contact us at if we can answer any questions or to arrange a demonstration.
Multi-mode, multi-persona


Redwall Mobile is the only technology that can create multiple cryptographically and temporally isolated personas on a single device, and enforce both high-level and granular security policies outside of the operating system.
IoT, connected vehicle, wearables

IoT / Vehicles

Redwall's patented IoT security technology is embedded into devices to prevent unauthorized access, block threats both from the network or other interfaces as well from within the device, and ensure device integrity and authenticity.
Mission critical mobile


Redwall's patented multi-layered approach has proven to be completely resistant to zero-day threats that have penetrated other mobile and embedded defenses with ease, making it suitable for your mission-critical devices.
Did you know...

  • Redwall Mobile offers performance benefits over virtualization, and faster deployment over hypervisors.
  • Redwall Mobile security policies are simple to create, and can be edited using the policy server or with any JSON editing tool.
  • Redwall Mobile can operate with or without a server (MDM) component, and is suitable for tactical, non-connected deployments.
  • Redwall can help you with your small business set-asides.
  • Redwall Mobile does not require any changes to your apps or drivers.
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